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California Constitution

SECTION 1.  In the year following the year in which the national
census is taken under the direction of Congress at the beginning of
each decade, the Legislature shall adjust the boundary lines of the
Senatorial, Assembly, Congressional, and Board of Equalization
districts in conformance with the following standards:
   (a) Each member of the Senate, Assembly, Congress, and the Board
of Equalization shall be elected from a single-member district.
   (b) The population of all districts of a particular type shall be
reasonably equal.
   (c) Every district shall be contiguous.
   (d) Districts of each type shall be numbered consecutively
commencing at the northern boundary of the State and ending at the
southern boundary.
   (e) The geographical integrity of any city, county, or city and
county, or of any geographical region shall be respected to the
extent possible without violating the requirements of any other
subdivision of this section.

Alabama Code | California Code | Connecticut Code | Nebraska Code | Texas Code
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